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The Stone Age Electronic Calculator

The Stone Age Electronic Calculator (SAEC) is a working title which allows participants work toward a common goal that may shift; this keeps the task open-ended and allows for it to develop through participation.

The project questions the perceptions of modern computational instruments and information based societies, by providing an instructional manual that restricts the building of an electronic calculator to the modes of physical production that were available during prehistoric times. An electronic calculator has become the focus of this initiative because it is comprised of several technologies that form the foundation of a computer based society and questions the need as well as the possibility of developing computational electronics in hunting and gathering societies. Thus the production of the manual must abide by the following guidelines.

1. The calculator must have a readout screen, the ability to calculate, switches and electricity.
2. The calculator must be made by one person.
3. The manual must take into account the environmental restraints of a wilderness situation.
4. We assume the participant enters into the woods only the clothes on his/her back. ie. no man made tools.
5. We must also assume that the participant is living a nomadic lifestyle. For example agricultural
development or the creation of large objects that requires the participant to live a stationary lifestyle
will be edited to suit a nomadic situation.

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