Forums - The forums tool provides an area for members to discuss topics concerning the Manual and all other relating issues.

Directory - The Directory is where links relating to the subject matter of SAEC are archeived and organized into various sections and categories.

Mind Map - The mindmap is as a collaborative diagram that depicts technical connections between materials found in the wilderness and the production steps needed to turn that material into an electronic calculator. Collaborators build on and edit previously inputed information in order to better view the relationships between these technologies. This will help us to locate the most efficient processes for making a calculator in the wilderness as painlessly as possible. The Midmap uses mindmeister software which is located on an external server so you will need to login before editing. THE MINDMAP DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY TRANFER INFORMATION INTO OTHER AREAS OF THE SITE. You can however create reference links between Mindmap nodes and the manual, directory and forums area.

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