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General. Chit Chat, Other
Talk about other issues not included in other forums.
5 Thu 20 of Oct, 2011 22:35 MST
Kiteboarding is amongst the most up-to-date by juan9008
General Production
Discuss production methods used, website structure, calculator guidelines etc.
13 Tue 09 of Jun, 2009 08:10 MST
Re: Getting from Point A to B. Calculator Reverse Enginneering or...... by deadlymuskox
Assembling Parts
Assembling the parts needed for the final calculator.
0 5335
Building Tools
Manufacturing the tools needed to create the calculator from.
0 5647
Bonding Compounds
Combing materials to create material compounds.
7 Mon 30 of Mar, 2009 10:18 MST
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Does anyone know how to create ceramics in the wild? by miklosb
Extraction Processes
Extracting elements from found materials.
2 Thu 18 of Jun, 2009 10:45 MST
Re: Does ayone know how to make copper? by crotechman
Finding Materials
Talk about forging and locating the materials needed for the overall production.
1 Fri 27 of Mar, 2009 16:57 MST
Do we need copper? What do you think? Can gold work. by crosseyed
Conceptual Discussion about SAEC
Conceptually oriented discussions and debate on issues pertaining to the idea of the project "The Stone Age Electronic Calculator".
6 Mon 14 of Sep, 2009 03:35 MST
Some Ideas by unclesanchez
Mind map Development Forum
The development of the entire instructional manual through a mind map.
13 Thu 18 of Jun, 2009 10:52 MST
THe Chosen! mindmeister mindmap by crotechman
General survival discussion.
7 Tue 28 of Apr, 2009 13:10 MST
Re: Re: Re: Should 'survival' topics exist in this manual? by deadlymuskox